Hatlas Export is a company providing technical assistance to project owners.
Our mission is to offer our clients the human skills needed to carry out their worldwide projects.

Who are we? Our field of activities


Present in France and in Africa, Hatlas Export relies on a strong network of highly qualified managers and technicians, local and expatriates, with recognised and demonstrated expertise.

Our jobs


Hatlas Export is committed to providing and assigning top-quality profiles to fulfill the requirements of major international projects. By doing so, we streamline the sourcing process for companies.

Additionally, we manage the administrative and logistical aspects specific to the expatriation of skilled engineers, supervisors, and technicians.

MASE Certification


Hatlas Export is committed to collaborating with you on ensuring employee safety.

Certified with MASE since June 15, 2017, we make every effort in terms of prevention and continuous improvement of our best practices to maintain our goal of zero accidents.